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4 Chlamydia Treatment Options


The bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis causes the sexually transmitted disease Chlamydia. Although, the bacterial infection can occur in both men and women, statistics indicate that women are more susceptible to recurrent Chlamydia infections.
In a large number of Chlamydia cases, people suffering from the infection do not experience any symptom of the illness. In others, symptoms are noticeable within three weeks after contracting the infection.

Chlamydia should not be ignored. Untreated Chlamydia infection can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease that might permanently damage the reproductive system. In pregnant women, the bacterial infection can cause premature delivery. The bacteria might travel into the respiratory tract and eyes of the newborn, leading to pneumonia and conjunctivitis.

4 Treatment for Chlamydia


Almost 95% of Chlamydia cases can be healed with antibiotics. The commonly prescribed antibiotic drugs include azithromycin, doxycycline, amoxicillin, erythromycin and ofloxacin. In a small number of cases, Chlamydia patients might experience mild stomach pain and diarrhea while taking these medications.

Occasionally, doxycycline intake increases the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight, leading to skin rashes after exposure to the sunlight during the course of the treatment. Your physician might ask you to switch to alternative contraception to prevent any adverse interaction between birth control pills and the antibiotic drug. People diagnosed with Chlamydia must avoid sex until they are completely cured.

Herbal Treatment

Certain herbs can accelerate the healing process. Goldenseal is widely recommended for treating Chlamydia. The herb helps to strengthen the immune system, thus helping in enhancing the body’s defense against the infection causing microbes.

People diagnosed with Chlamydia can take up to 250mg of goldenseal three to four times a day, for up to ten days. To prevent recurrent infections, continue taking the herb for several days even after the symptoms have disappeared

Cat’s claw and Echinacea are also recommended for treating Chlamydia. 200 to 500mg of the herbal extracts can be taken, three to four times a day. Garlic is one of the powerful antibiotics in nature that can be taken daily to improve the body’s defense mechanism. You can consume two to three cloves of fresh garlic daily or 500mg of garlic supplement each day. Herbal preparations containing wild oregano, saw palmetto berries, olive leaf or turmeric can be taken by people suffering from Chlamydia.


Although vitamin and mineral supplements are not directly associated with the Chlamydia treatment process, they can accelerate the healing process by strengthening the immune system.

Recurrent Chlamydia infection might be a sign of compromised immune function. The normal activities of the immune system can be preserved by consuming vitamins A, C and E and zinc supplements. To improve the body’s resistance to infection, Chlamydia patients can consume 5000 International Units of vitamin A, 500mg of vitamin C, 400 International Units of vitamin E and 20mg of zinc daily.


The discomfort caused by Chlamydia can be reduced with the help of sitz bath with aromatherapy essential oil. Tea tree oil is widely added to sitz bath for curing infections. Myrrh and lavender oil can also alleviate the inflammation and pain.

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