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13 Natural Ways To Cure Cataract


Eyes brighten up our world! Without eyes, we are trapped in a gulf of darkness that can be extremely traumatising. It becomes unbearable when we lose sight after we have enjoyed its benefits all throughout our lives. All these make it very important to treat eye problems with extreme seriousness and not leave them unattended.

Cataract is a common eye problem that affects people who are old. Eyes that are affected by cataract start becoming white or opaque, marring clear vision in the person.  If left unattended, the lens can become completely opaque and lead to blindness. The early symptoms of cataract are blurred vision when the patient sees everything in a faded hue. The pupil starts getting discoloured with a greyish white hue as well.

The reasons that can lead to cataract are many. The build up of toxins and poisonous substances in the body is a common cause. Straining the eyes too much, ill nutrition, intake of alcohol and other faulty diets, radiation, ageing and many other things too can contribute to the disease.

Cataract can be treated surgically which normally gives good results. But if you want to avoid surgery, there are a number of home remedies that you can use at the onset of the disease itself in order to prevent its progress and also reverse its effects.

Cataract Treatment With Natural Methods

Carrots For Treating Cataract

Raw carrots are known to cure cataract and prevent its occurrence. The vitamin A in carrots will help in marinating all round health of your eyes as well. A person who is on the road to cataract must start consuming raw carrots in plenty. Carrot juice too is a good alternative if carrots are hard to chew. This will arrest the progress of cataract.

Garlic For Treating Cataract

If you are looking at a natural solution for cleansing your lens off the protein deposits, garlic is the best remedy that can be administered at home. Start taking 3-4 cloves of garlic every day for removing the toxins and poisonous substances that block your vision. Chewing garlic every day will help in keeping your lens crystal clear.

Spinach For Treating Cataract

Another vegetable that can exert its strong influence on cataract laden eyes and reverse its effects is spinach. Rich in beta carotene and antioxidants, spinach removes the ill effects of free radicals and protects the crystalline lens in your eyes from deterioration and fading. Consume spinach every day for protecting your eye health.

Pumpkin For Treating Cataract

Pumpkin flowers can arrest the progress of cataract on the lens by preventing further deposits and clouding of the eyes. Take pumpkin flowers and extract the juice from it. You can now carefully apply this juice on the eyelid two times every day. This treatment will prevent further damage to your lens.

Green Tea For Treating Cataract

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and help in clearing eye and vision related problems if consumed daily. Take 2-3 cups of green tea every day at the onset of cataract itself in order to stop the damage.

Green tea can be taken as supplements too which are available in health food stores.

Honey For Treating Cataract

Organic honey is one of the best ways to treat cataract at home. Put a few drops into each eye two times daily to clear your lens and toxins from the eyes. This is a popular remedy used by Egyptians and is still in use today due to its effectiveness.

Almonds For Treating Cataract

The lost vigour and brightness of the eyes can be regained with almond. Grind few almonds and peppercorns and add it to half cup of water. This can be consumed every day for preventing eye degeneration.

Aniseeds And Coriander For Treating Cataract

Take equal amounts of aniseeds and freshly ground coriander powder and add a tablespoon of brown sugar to it. One tablespoon of this can be taken every day morning and evening for preventing cataracts and other eye problems.

Almond And Milk For Treating Cataract

The benefits of almonds on eye health, especially eyes that have cataract have already been discussed. Milk is a good remedy for cleansing irritated eyes and can be combined with almonds. For making milk that is strengthened with almonds, soak 2-3 almonds in the milk and leave it overnight. Remove the almonds and apply milk drops into your eyes to remove the irritation.

Wheatgrass For Treating Cataract

Wheatgrass can help in treating cataract and also reversing its effect on your eyes. Wheatgrass supplements can be taken to clear the lens and a juice made of wheatgrass can be taken every day for preventing further damage to the eyes.

Papayas For Treating Cataract

Proper digestion of proteins is very essential for preventing cataract formation on the lens. Protein deposits in the eyes are one reason for developing cataract. Papayas contain papain, an enzyme that helps in the digestion of proteins. Papain can be taken as supplements and papayas can be included in your daily diet for preventing as well as treating cataract of the eyes.

Bilberries Can Be Used For Treating Cataract

Bilberries, a fruit that comes from the berry family is known to cure cataracts. Oxidation of the lens can lead to cataract. For protection of the eyes from oxidation, food that is rich in anthocyanosides can be consumed.  Bilberries are blessed with these flavonoids in plenty and protect the retina as well as the lens from oxidation.

Vitamin Remedy For Treating Cataract

Most cases of cataract formations can be reversed with proper natural treatments. Intake of adequate quantities of vitamin C can help in reversing the damage caused by cataract. Vitamin C can be administered as soon as the condition is discovered so that you get maximum benefit from this treatment method.

The lens of the eye contains great amounts of vitamin C which is much more than what is present in other parts of the body. This is why it is most important to take vitamin C supplements for treating Cataract.

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